We've seen this group soliciting in our neighborhood for a while. Back in July, one of the kids stole our outgoing mail, which contained a check - we caught it on our security camera. We contacted local law enforcement,the FBI, The Postal Inspector and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.. and never heard anything... so I'm glad to see that law enforcement is investigating this group.

Check out the video & reddit article below:



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You need to talk to Virginia Department of Labor. Share the information that Nathan Jackson gave you about how they pay the kids. They admitted they are paying the kids. It's a state child labor law violation for kids under age 16 to work as solicitors in Virginia. They've been investigated by Virginia DOLI before, and they claimed the kids are volunteers, which isn't a child labor law violation. He's admitted to you they are employees. Also, some of those kids are as young as 10 years old. They lied about their ages. CALL THE STATE.

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