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Braddock Buzz is a weekly newsletter covering central Fairfax County, with a focus on the Braddock District.

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Who We Are

Leanne & Austin Wright

We live in the Wakefield area of western Annandale with our two children and can often be seen on runs on the Accotink Trail.

Leanne oversees environmental health and safety at American University in Northwest D.C., and Austin is a former reporter for Politico who now works in communications. At Politico, Austin was author of the popular newsletter Morning Defense.

Our Story

We’re working to build community through hyperlocal news.

We launched Braddock Buzz (then called Wakefield Weekly) in April 2020 out of a desire to connect with our neighbors amid the COVID-19 shutdown. The goal was to learn more about where we live and help preserve the sense of community that makes this area so special. The newsletter quickly gained traction, with hundreds of people signing up within the first few weeks.

The enthusiastic response has convinced us there’s a real opportunity for hyperlocal newsletters to break through. This is especially true if they offer what’s increasingly lacking from traditional news outlets: voice, soul, and a connection to the communities they serve. We hope to offer a model for other hyperlocal newsletters in a difficult media environment in which national issues seem to grab all the attention.


“Thank you so much for the awesome job you do bringing us the local news! Your column is often the talk of our neighborhood fire pits and people really appreciate what your doing.”

“You are doing an amazing job on this! Super helpful especially in these times—thanks so much! I found out about this through my neighborhood listserv and I am really impressed!”

“Lots of helpful information in this issue, Leanne. Thanks to you and Austin Wright for your weekly gift of time and talent to our community!”

“May I say that it is a pleasure to read such a professionally written, interesting, and unbiased local newsletter. It is full of valuable local news and I only wish that our neighborhood could have something of a similar standard. … Thank you for setting the example of how it should be done.”

“The reporting of (very) local news is so important—I appreciate your efforts and applaud your desire to be of service to the community.”

“Thank you again for this. Read it as soon as I woke up.”

“Many thanks to all who contribute to this project. Great to have this in our community.”

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