News Alert: Audrey Moore closed following burglary, vandalism

The rest of Wakefield Park, including farmer’s market, remained open

The Audrey Moore RECenter was closed Wednesday following an overnight burglary and “significant vandalism,” the Fairfax County Park Authority said in a Facebook post. 

The rest of Wakefield Park, including the farmers market held on Wednesday afternoons, remained open.

“It was a burglary—someone had broken into the Audrey Moore RECenter, and the reason it was closed down is because there was a lot of evidence left behind, a lot of rummaging and stuff like that,” said Officer Anthony Capizzi of the Fairfax County Police Department.

Capizzi was asked about the incident during a virtual town hall on Wednesday evening with the Little Run Citizens' Association.

“They closed it down so they could actually process the whole scene,” he continued. “Apparently there was some decent evidence left behind that they're going to use to try to catch the person, so that's why it was shut down.”

The front of the building is currently roped off with yellow tape, as can be seen in the photo below:

Audrey Moore is the oldest RECenter in Fairfax County. The building is scheduled in the coming years to undergo a major renovation, with funding contingent on county voters approving the $112 million park bond referendum in next month’s general election.

“The existing building was completed in 1977 and is in need of major facility lifecycle replacements along with overall modernization to continue drawing customers for years to come,” Park Authority spokesperson Judy Pedersen told Wakefield Weekly in July.

The renovation, she said, will include “a new expanded fitness area, check-in, multipurpose rooms, and child care area.”